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BN:Skillz perspective on the BET Cyphers

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Did the BET Cyphers live up to the hype? if there was any hype. Skillz wasn’t pleased with what he witnessed during the taping of a cypher he attended. Which cypher? Not sure.

“I lost so much respect for so many rappers today…”

…says Skillz in a elevator headed down to the first floor of Green Pointe Studios in Brooklyn, New York, on a cold rainy night. Skillz and his manager, who have been here all day with his other client UK songstress Estelle and his label rep, are leaving the taping for the “Cyphers” that will air during the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards and Skillz is in another place. “I never thought it was possible to lose that much respect for that many rappers in one day. These are the cats that are supposed to be hot?” he says as we ride back across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

Skillz is clutching his phone and still talking about what he just witnessed. “I hustled to get here, and no one in that room came to play today,” he continued. Hustling to him is nothing new; he’s always found himself in the position of having to prove himself. In the late 90s, he found himself trying to make people pay attention to his wordplay, spit from a state that really hadn’t been on the Hip-Hop map at all – Virginia.

Allhiphop (whole story)

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October 13, 2011 at 11:54 AM

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