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BN: Kanye West nominated for NCAAP Image Award

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Good things come to those who wait. Scratch that! Good things come to those who work hard. Kanye  has been nominated for a NCAAP award; which is held on March 4th at 8pm on FOX. Here’s to hoping he walks away with the hardware.

“I hear ’em gearin’ up
people talk so much shit about me at barbershops
they forget to get their haircut
OK fair enough, the streets is flarin’ up
’cause they want gun-talk, or I don’t wear enough
baggy clothes, Reebok’s, or Adidas
can I add that he do spaz out at his shows
so say goodbye to the NAACP award
goodbye to the India.Arie award
they’d rather give me the nigga-please award
but I’ll just take the I-got-a-lot-of-cheese award”

Now when mentioning Image Awards, Kanye West does not typically come to mind. It is no secret that Mr. West has had a rough year but we can’t hold that against him. With 142 nominations and 47 actual wins in the United States and Europe combined, Mr. West is someone…

StupidDope (Whole Article)

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October 19, 2011 at 12:37 AM

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