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NOTEABLE READ: Steve Stoute 1 on1 w/ Complex

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Steve Stoute is the man behind the scenes of most business deals involving Hip-Hop. He’s Jay-Z’s go to guy whenever advice or approval is needed. Complex, sat down with him, and picked his mind on his many involvements within the industry.

For those that don’t know, maybe you could just give a brief history about how you started working with Nas in the ’90s?

I was so inspired by Illmatic. Nas had gotten nominated at the Source Awards for Best Lyricist or something like that after Illmatic. He’d gotten in some trouble and he showed up to the event and he wanted the record company to acknowledge his nomination and get him to the event, get him to perform, and support his whole shit.

I had to go to the Queensbridge projects and ask around for Nas. I had a beige Lexus and I was just driving around just cold asking people. Some other projects had beef with Nas or his guys so when I pulled up on Jungle [and his boys], they pulled out guns on me!

 But they didn’t do it. They didn’t recognize the award or the nomination. He actually showed up to the awards show with…
Complex (Whole Story)

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October 19, 2011 at 1:23 AM

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