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BN: Another push back for Drake

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As reported earlier this month, Club Paradise Tour Ft. Kendrick Lamar & A$AP Rocky, was to happen. Now it’s going to start the early part of January. Explanation…

“I fought for this tour, I fought really hard for this tour because, of course, they want me to go get the big bucks, go into the stadiums and cash out,” Drake revealed to MTV News. “But I was just like, ‘I really made this album for the same people that supported me since day one.’

“I spent a lot of time out there [in Toronto]; that’s what this album is about,” Drake explained. “That’s what I’m gonna showcase. It’s the same thing with the tour: I wanna bring Kendrick, I wanna bring A$AP, those are guys that I love. It has nothing to do with people on my label,” he added. “Tyga’s out, Nicki’s working on an album and everybody else is doing their thing on the road with Wayne or with Wayne in the studio, so I just sort of showcased the music that I happen to love right now, and those are the two guys that I’m bringing out.” –



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October 26, 2011 at 11:52 AM

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