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NEW MUSIC: DJ Premier Ft. Nas, The Berklee Symphony Orchestra “Regeneration”

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DJ Premier links Nas and The Berklee Symphony Orchestra together to deliver “Regeneration” Not sure if it’s an outreach but very theatrical to say the least. Read up on the project…


DJ Premier was given Classical and began his immersion into the genre with Bruce Adolphe, a former classical music professor at Juilliard. They met at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music not far from DJ Premier’s home in NY. After learning about classical music theory, the inspirations of some of the genre’s most profound composers and how traditional pieces are structured, DJ Premier went out and bought tons of classical symphonies on vinyl to mash up his own creation. We then took that mash-up and orchestrated it for sheet music. In the first step of the actual recording process, DJ Premier partnered with Stephen Webber, a professor and conductor at…

Vibe (Whole Article) worth it!


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October 27, 2011 at 2:42 PM

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