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NOTEABLE READ: Bun B interview w/ Tanning of America

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With the release of the interview with Jay-Z “The Tanning of America” delivers a written article with Bun B. He discusses his hometown of Port Arthur, 1st deal with Jive and Big Pimpin’. Bun B is one of the most respected individuals in the game and his humbleness is unmatched… Read Up!

What about dealing with Jive Records when you were first signed?
I wouldn’t necessarily blame any of that on our demographic. We were young, and we weren’t easy to deal with when we were younger. I think a lot of it had to do with age, not that we were black and from the South. It wasn’t their lack of faith in that we couldn’t make good music. They signed us because we could. It was that they didn’t know how to sell it to everyone else.

I had never had any racial issues with anyone at that label. Every race of people you could think of has worked at that label. The one problem we had there as far as race was concerned was that I wanted to call myself “Jive’s Favorite Schvartze,” which is the derogatory term for black people in the Jewish community. And they were very adamant about me not using that word. They did not want me to use that. But I found it odd that I could say “nigger” as much as I wanted to. I made a big of a stink about that. And I knew…

Tanning of America (Whole Article)

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