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NEW VIDEO: Kenton Dunson | “Beautiful Fight”

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The theme of this track is universal but it came from a very personal place. I was sitting at a keyboard during a session and started playing with a piano/vocal idea. I didn’t like it after a few I sampled and chopped it. “Beautiful Fight” was born. I stepped to the mic and went on an honest vent about my venture as an artist. Eventually I found that people could relate it to their own situation. The title itself is oxymoronic but it’s ultimately an optimistic song. This is definitely a fight, but as long as you know why you started it, you’ll figure out how to finish it.I was fortunate to link up with AtomEvolve, an immensely talented video production crew. They are pure artists. They have the same approach to their craft as I do to my own. They were fans of the music before the video shoot even came into consideration. So this turned out to be an amazing experience where we collectively took the song to the next level.


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November 15, 2011 at 1:52 PM

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