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NEW MAG COVER: Future Covers Fader Magazine

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Though Future is from Atlanta, his St. Louis show at the club Amnesia, billed as a signing party, was a homecoming of sorts. The city was the first to crown him a star, allotting radio spins for “Notice Me” off his first mixtape, 1000, released in the summer of 2010. Since 1000, Future has delivered mixtapes in an abundance that would seem altogether counterproductive if not for the amount of underground hits each has birthed. On October 30th, for a crowd in equal parts street clothes and Halloween costumes, he did his best to cover them all, jumping from the ambitious “Notice Me” to the audacious “Watch This” to the jubilant “Racks” to the riotous “Same Damn Time,” performing some songs two and three times, ultimately commanding the mic for nearly an hour.

But Future’s performance was sabotaged by either incapable speakers or faulty wiring, one of which (or both) caused the sound to drop out sporadically, sound that was already distorted by the harrowing dog whistle of microphone feedback. For all this disruption though, Future remained cool, doing his very best to…

Fader (Whole Article)

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December 13, 2011 at 1:47 PM

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