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::::: I am DaConnoisseur, (well, at the very least I like to consider myself one) a Boogiedown Bronx native completely and hopelessly enamored with musical expression. My musical taste, much like the buds on my tongue, have acquired familiarity with a variety of different genres as I’ve matured into adulthood. Everything from RnB to Jazz, Country to Techno, Pop to Grunge, Rap to Crap, and the sub genres stemming from each, is loaded on my iPhone. Although I love any form of expression true in its nature of relating to its audience, I would have to deem Rap and Hip-Hop my specialty. :::::

::::: Growing up in its mother borough, it seems as if my love for the urban art form was predestined. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t believe in fate. I do believe, however, that the art form I once loved is suffering from too many politics and greedy record companies more concerned with sales and mainstream appeal. In return, the art is starting to dissipate before our very eyes. The music album, the foundation of the art, is losing its place in the genre as folks no longer buy albums. Steve Jobs, God rest his creatively brilliant soul, with the creation of the iPod and more importantly iTunes, has changed the musical landscape. Fans don’t buy entire catalogs from their favorite artists anymore. Instead, only the individual songs they know and like from an album are purchased. Consequently, albums sales have plummeted and record companies are over compensating by…

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December 14, 2011 at 4:21 PM

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