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 Everyone has to begin somewhere…

Last night, my homeboy and I prepared for his first On-Air radio interview with 89.3FM “The Show” it’s a local Atlanta station. We viewed this opportunity as a way to promote his current projects and website “The Show” airs every Wednesday 12Am-3AM hosted by radio personality Ms.Dia. Around 9:15PM we were notified Ms. Dia wouldn’t be in attendance and Coop-D would be replacing her. We arrived at the station around 11:45PM, chilled out and ended up going live at 1:15AM. The interview was cool and the off air advice given was true insight. Everything we’re doing is all new territory that has never been explored. The lessons learned from this experience moves us a notch and puts the dream closer. Yeah, everything didn’t go according to plan but if one person who never heard of visit his site and digs his music mission accomplished! Overall, I enjoyed myself and I’m enjoying the ride…

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February 23, 2012 at 1:13 PM

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