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All I do is live and evaluate my surroundings constantly. If you think you'll out smart me, think again. Before you ever speak I'll know your whole make up. Don't approach with bullshit only honesty. If things workout that lay in my mind I'll be a person to be remembered. As I age my thought process change, that's scary for the outside world because there will be no limits to my madness. Through this site I'll give (NOTABLENOTICE) on the worldly things that interest me. I'm a hard person to please/shock so if on this site it's worth your time... Oh yea, quit following what's cool and find what's cool... Wine Poured!

The art of Hip Hop resides here; those who’ve made it or trying to make it share the same platform. Updated daily with news on the game’s best while spotlighting “Unsigned Hype” around the world; NOTABLENOTICE serves as a hub for causal browsers, Hip Hop Heads, industry A&R’s, and artist looking to judge the competition.

Created with one goal in mind, change the landscape of Hip Hop blogs.

UPDATE: No longer is the focus solely on Hip Hop/Music. Never really wanted to go the commercial route so from here on out it’s strictly what seems interesting in my eyes. This is my corner of the over populated Internet. Post are posted whenever the urge hit. With that said, feel to explore and comment.

-All anybody can do is try-

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August 4, 2011 at 7:47 PM

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